We don’t follow the conventional method of learning or teaching. UX is best understood while doing it.
The more you practice the better you get at it – like most things in life!

Our courses are centered around:

  • Hands-on Projects

  • Real Briefs

  • Real Clients

  • Real Work

All this enables you to develop skills that you can actually use in a workplace.

‘When you learn about the UX process, especially with mock companies, everything happens in an ideal space.
The real world isn’t ideal.
We prepare you for the real world.’


What you pay for the course and what you receive in terms of learning is like no other course out there.

We want to provide practical learning at a price thats reasonable and not over the top.

Our courses offers more mentor involvement and real client work – which let’s be honest, for this price – Is Unbeatable!

‘Our learning model is simple: base it on actually doing stuff. As UX is best learned in teams, we offer that collaborative environment’ 


Our Mentors work very differently as compared to other brandsoffering online education.

Our mentors are a part of the course as much as you are. That means, throughout your course they will be a part of your collaborative exercises and take the role of a project manager.

This ensures that our Mentors are fully involved in the curriculum.