Our Story

We were born out of pure passion for the field

We love what we do and we want to help students feel the same way. Before we started the business we did a lot of research to see whats there in the market, and what we found was similar models offering the same stuff.

That got us thinking on the lines of – why are there no courses that teach UX the true agency way. Like it would be when students actually start working. So we decided to work backwards .

Our aim is to teach courses in an interactive way with real workplace scenarios that help students develop real hands-on skills.

We don’t want students to think of this as a course but as a skill that can be applied effectively in a real working environment.

‘UX PRO Academy aims to fundamentally change how budding UXers think, by learning to design empowering and engaging experiences based on real user insight, that will help innovate and transform businesses’

Our Beliefs

Less theory more practice

We don’t follow the conventional method of learning or teaching. UX is best understood while doing it. The more you practice the better you get at it – like most things in life!

When you learn about the whole UX process, especially with mock companies, everything happens in an ideal space. The real world isn’t ideal. Therefore, we prepare you for the real world.

Our courses are centered around hands-on projects, real briefs ,real client calls and real work that will help you develop skills that you can actually use in a workplace.

If you are a budding UXer, we will be super excited to help you achieve your goals. If you are a UX PRO and want to mentor with us we would love to collaborate with you.


Our mentors have extensive experience across all sectors. When you enroll, we will pair you up with an experienced professional. They will guide you through your course and give you real industry insights